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Ace Laces

£2.25 £3.25

Wearing Rainbow Laces is an amazing way to show your support for LGBTQ+ people in sport.

With our new identity laces you can celebrate your own identity or show your allyship for ace people.

Ace is an umbrella term used to describe a variation in levels of romantic and/or sexual attraction, including a lack of attraction.

We offer a special discounted price for all educational institutions, as well as any associated student unions and clubs, and grassroots clubs. Please contact us at tshirt@stonewall.org.uk for further details or fill in this form 🌈

For all orders placed through the store, bulk discounts will now be applied automatically for any combination of laces (excluding the rainbow glitter laces) as follows:


Price Per Pair

Example Order Costs



50 laces for £150



100 laces for £275



500 laces for £1,250



1,000 laces for £2,250

Please note: t
he laces are 130 cm in length and flat.

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